The City of Newport News, Virginia, is experiencing sustained results across the organization with Cityworks, the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions.  As a longtime user of the program, the City attests to Cityworks effectiveness and sustained benefits.

Initially drawn to Cityworks because of its GIS-centric capabilities, Newport News began their implementation of the software in their Public Works Department in June of 2004. Through the summer of 2004, use of Cityworks expanded as they implemented into buildings maintained by Public Works. Newport News experienced outstanding results with Cityworks from the onset.

“Immediately upon implementation, we had everything we wanted and so much more,” stated Tim DeSalvo, Asset Management Division Administrator. “We went from having approximately 250 programs on the mainframe to a miraculous point where everyone, at their desktop, could do their own reports – a big time saver for me.”

Beyond their original Cityworks implementation, the City has since expanded use throughout the organization. Cityworks is being used extensively within the Streets, Solid Waste, and Building Services Divisions, along with many others.  The Engineering Department’s operations are all managed with Cityworks. Service requests are available in several departments, including Code Compliance, Mayor’s Office, City Manager, City Clerk, Management & Legislative Affairs, and Community Relations.

Newport News is experiencing many citywide successes as a result of Cityworks. Storeroom Annual Physical Inventory has greatly improved as Crystal Reports are now easily generated. Information from these reports is provided to the administration, enabling them to create their own inventory sheets and to work much more independently with inventory data. In addition, End of Fiscal Year Processing has been enhanced, resulting in much smoother transitions into the new fiscal year. Before Cityworks, the City relied solely on the Division Administrator to generate mainframe reports. With Cityworks, the task is now dispersed, saving management valuable time as many of the users can generate more specific reports to review key performance measures.

“With respect to the future, the sky is the limit,” states DeSalvo. “We’re really excited about the implementation of Cityworks Server AMS. I want everyone to have at their fingertips the very things they need to do their job.”

“As longtime users of Cityworks, Newport News is a flagship Cityworks client,” stated Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “We are pleased with the fantastic results they have experienced from the onset and enjoy supporting their continued growth. With a very successful organization-wide implementation offering substantial time savings and unprecedented benefits, Newport News is an exemplary user site that Cityworks clients and potential clients can look to.”

About Newport News
The City of Newport News, Virginia, is located in the southwestern end of the Virginia Peninsula on the north shore of the James River. The city supports rich history dating back to 1619 when the area was included in one of four corporations of the Virginia Company of London. In its early years, Newport News was primarily a farming and fishing village until the coming of the railroad and shipyard development in the late 1800s when it officially became a city. Today, Newport News is home to 180,000 residents and is an industrial center growing in affluence and significance as a major metropolitan area in the Hampton Roads region.


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