Mayor Gary L. Graham is pleased to announce that the City of O’Fallon’s citizen inquiry service, which can be accessed through the “Contact Us” feature on the City’s website,, has been upgraded to include additional features that will help O’Fallon City Staff to better respond to citizens’ questions, complaints and service requests.

“Before implementing this new system, there was not a consistent system in place for dispatching service requests and reporting progress. Planning, management, and budget decisions were complicated by gaps in communication and information,” said Mayor Graham. “But, with the upgraded capabilities of this system, City Staff can better organize, manage, and respond to all types of citizen inquiries in a more responsible and quick manner.”

The new citizen inquiry system uses Cityworks®, the leading Geographical Information System (GIS) asset management solution, to manage requests. The goal of the citizen inquiry tool is to improve workflow and internal communications, therefore providing a quicker and more direct response for all citizen service requests.

Accessing the citizen inquiry system is easy and can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply go to and click on the “Contact Us” button in the Citizen Action Center. The page that opens will display a number of different service requests, which are based on the type of issue. By basing requests on the type of issue and not by the department that will respond, users will find it easier to report an issue without knowing which specific department to contact. Users must enter contact information and the details of the request, and choose whether to not be contacted by City Staff in a follow-up email.

Once submitted, the service request is automatically entered into O’Fallon’s Cityworks® Program and an alert is sent to the proper department notifying them of the new request. The Cityworks® Program provides the City of O’Fallon with detailed maintenance management. By incorporating GIS visualization, City Staff can easily group assets, service requests, and maintenance needs by location, type, age, or other key parameters. These groupings can then be used to create maintenance activities such as investigations, preventive work, reactive work, tests, or inspections.

Each citizen inquiry request is cataloged in the Cityworks® Program and reviewed by the department it is assigned to. The City of O’Fallon Administration Department monitors the workflow, ensuring that each request is properly acknowledged. The goal of the system is to provide a response within two business days to citizens requesting follow up.

The citizen inquiry service is for non-emergency issues. If the issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

The new citizen inquiry system can be directly accessed online through the City of O’Fallon’s website


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