The City of Racine, Wisconsin, recently implemented Cityworks Server PLL by Cityworks |Azteca Systems, Inc., the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions, which is quickly becoming an integral component of daily operations in their Code Enforcement Department. Reporting an array of benefits including considerable return on investment (ROI), Racine is pleased with the outcome of adding Cityworks Server PLL to their existing Cityworks Server AMS implementation and anticipates further results as they continue to expand their use of the product.

As part of Racine’s implementation, Racine and Azteca developed a custom, web-based invoicing process integrating Cityworks Server PLL with the City’s finance software. The integration enables automation of tasks such as invoice request processing. Before Cityworks, each invoice request took an average of 3–5 minutes to process manually. Now the process consists of two simple clicks, taking just a few seconds per invoice. Running a report takes less than one minute where before it was much more time-consuming. These improvements have resulted in substantial time savings as well as data accuracy. So far, over 1700 invoice requests have been processed using the Cityworks invoice request integration saving at least 85 hours of employee processing time.

Moving from their previous system to the web-based Cityworks has also improved and simplified Racine’s application support. With no need to update each department computer when making changes or upgrades, the City saves valuable time and resources. In addition, the City no longer faces software incompatibility issues, also saving time and effort. Cityworks GIS-centric capabilities have been a major benefit as PLL takes advantage of the existing City’s ArcGIS infrastructure data, providing the ability to utilize the GIS framework with code enforcement issues and points of interest. Reporting and case management processes have also become much more efficient as a result of Cityworks Server PLL.

“Cityworks Server PLL has been very helpful in expediting our code enforcement and invoicing procedures, providing us great ROI benefits,” states Brian Dechant, Building Department Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team (UNIT) at Racine. “The combination of Cityworks Server PLL and AMS has given us one central location to manage DPW (Department of Public Works) processes. We look forward to the implementation of business licensing and building permits into our program in the near future which will enhance our processes even more.”

“Racine has taken advantage of the powerful tools offered by our newest Cityworks product, Cityworks Server PLL,” stated Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “We are pleased the City has already seen tangible ROI benefits in the short amount of time they have been using the product. We are seeing more and more clients realize the immense advantages provided by this cutting-edge product. The combination of Cityworks Server PLL and Cityworks Server AMS makes for a complete management solution for municipalities.”

About Racine
The City of Racine, Wisconsin, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, about 30 miles south of Milwaukee and 60 miles north of Chicago, Illinois. Racine is the fifth largest city in Wisconsin with approximately 82,000 residents. The community is known for its unique lakefront zoo, Frank Lloyd Wright creations, and the Wind Point Lighthouse that inspires many artists. Racine has historically been a center for Danish-American culture. Kringles (a thin, delicate Danish pastry) are an important part of Racine’s cultural identity as several local bakeries make and ship hundreds of thousands of Kringles each year. Downtown Racine is home to the stunning Racine Art Museum and the Racine Heritage Museum.

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