Join staff from the Cityworks Asset Management Practice as they co-instruct with internationally recognized experts in asset management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Cityworks is pleased to co-instruct “Citywide Asset Management”, a 2 day executive level course that is part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s program for executive professional development. The course will be offered November 17-18, 2015 and again May 30-June 1st, 2016. Managers, executives and elected officials in municipalities around the country are looking for new ways to build and defend their budgets, provide more efficient and effective service delivery and educate citizens about the costs and benefits of the services provided. When physical assets are involved this effort often includes reassessing service levels and rebalancing needs and resources. Over recent years, a number of cities have begun to look at their physical assets in a new way. Using a contemporary asset management philosophy, built on robust, defendable and transparent processes that are applied consistently across all functions and funding sources, allowing a unified management framework to be put in place.

Results of this approach include agreed service levels, a common view on asset risk, a consistent approach to investment prioritization, a reliable register, efficient asset data collection, standardized management procedures and a comprehensive approach to the challenges of continually having to consider the tradeoffs between investment, risk and value.

This comprehensive approach to asset management is supported by a new international standard (ISO 55000), which is rapidly gaining recognition in the business and infrastructure communities in the US and in municipal governments around the world. Use of the standard, or of the key elements it contains, provides significant credibility for municipal level officials and managers, and a common ground for sharing of experience with the private sector.

“Citywide Asset Management” is a two day executive level course appropriate for Mayors and deputy mayors, chief administrative officers, city managers, comptrollers, key elected officials, public works directors, city engineers, municipal bond councils, capital consultants, municipal engineering consultants, municipal finance and management consultants, and state and federal policy makers who affect municipal asset management practices.

The course is led by Prof. Thomas Smith, an internationally recognized expert in asset management and who was part of the US delegation to the ISO 55000 standard for asset management systems. Other instructors include the Cityworks asset management practice lead, executives from tier 1 cities in the US and Canada that have mature asset management systems, and the global practice lead for asset management from CH2M. All instruction is based on real case studies presented by the executives that lived them. This is a high value course providing close interaction with the instructors and peers from other local governments.

The course is held at the Fluno Center for Professional Development, and provides continuing education units and take away materials that can be used for reference.

Previous attendees found the course to be exceptional:

Eric Johnston, P.E., Assistant Public Works Director- Operations, Bellingham, WA”Presentations by expert practitioners, municipal officials and engineering consultants brought real world, practical guidance on how to implement principles of asset management throughout City of Bellingham operations.”

Jon Henderson, GIS Manager, City of Bozeman, MT“This class exceeded all expectations.  The caliber of the instructors was second-to-none, with industry leaders and exemplary municipal partners.  We were able to put the knowledge we gained into action right away, including improved governance and overall adoption by our local agency.  The content was both relevant and scalable, even for a small local government!”

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