Cityworks Admin is a new HTML5 app for configuring Cityworks AMS and PLL. This session from the 2021 Cityworks Innovate Conference introduces the vision for Admin and showcases the latest features and product highlights intended to streamline common configurations. Whether you want to learn how to navigate this app or configure Cityworks to automate work, this will be a great starter.

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Cityworks Admin’s main purpose is to streamline functionality that is currently available in Designer, by allowing administrators to manage Cityworks AMS and PLL in one location. Administrators can manage various features including plugins, language files, access, profiles, and more from one page. This greatly enhances and streamlines user experience in Cityworks and consolidates workflows, increasing ease of use. To see Admin in action and get an inside look at the various features and functionalities that this app provides, watch the video below:

For an even deeper look into Cityworks Admin and what it offers, check out the Cityworks Admin 1.0 Plugin training course on Learn.Trimble, Cityworks new training platform. View Now >>

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