This presentation from the Cityworks Innovate Conference explores Cityworks 15.7, the latest release of our asset management software. This release was the result of collaboration amongst Cityworks product managers and clients who provided feedback on the enhancements that would offer the most value and be applicable to real-world situations. Discussed in this video are the enhancements to Office and Tablet for AMS, software administration, work activity templates, inspections, and more.

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Other enhancements, updates, and releases covered in this presentation include, Cityworks Mobile 10, Cityworks Admin, Cityworks Analytics 4.0, Operational Insights 2.2, various inspection enhancements, the addition of Z-coordinates, and much more. Cityworks OpX is another notable release. This new tool in the Cityworks platform allows you to plan, track, execute, and report on large-scale infrastructural projects and emergency response activities. Watch the video below to find out more.

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