In the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, field crews are getting work done efficiently and effectively using Cityworks and CompassCom AVL. City officials are able to track and manage assigned work along with an array of equipment parameters such as fuel consumption, de-icer product spreader controls, snowplow activity, and driving behavior.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tools offer a smart addition to an asset management portfolio. AVL allows agencies to track and manage vehicle routes, resulting in higher efficiency, better performance, and lower overall costs. Recently, CompassCom developed a plug-in for Azteca Systems’ Cityworks Server AMS, enabling a live, interactive view of the city’s vehicles, allowing fleet management to observe resources in use and in the yard. CompassCom’s AVL gives managers a real-time look at how and where equipment is allocated, how it is being used, and its status, all directly within the Cityworks viewer.

“We use AVL to manage our fleets productivity,” said Scott Bowman, Database Administrator, City of Fort Collins Streets Department. “For example, knowing how many miles our street sweepers complete each day, and which streets, allows us to confirm what has been done in any section of the city through playbacks of the data. People call in saying their street was missed. With historic tracking data in our AVL, we can easily verify exactly what we’ve done.”

Bowman said the program paid for itself quickly. “We discovered, by looking through the data, that if snow gets packed down, it costs much more in chemicals, fuel, and labor to clear a street after the storm. It’s far more cost effective to hire contract drivers early in a snowstorm, before the snow gets packed down and bonds to the roadway. Also, we’ve saved untold amounts in claims and potential litigation in dealing with complaints that one of our vehicles damaged private property. With AVL,w can easily check and see whether our vehicles were actually there when the damage allegedly occurred.”

“Our seamless connection to CityWorks Server enables our Clients to view their mobile work force in real-time while leveraging their City Assets displayed in their ESRI environment,” said Brant Howard, Founder and CEO, CompassCom. “Without switching between multiple applications, the integrated solution empowers dispatchers to achieve operational efficiency in support of providing their Citizens the best customer service.”

“As a key corporate strategy, we actively seek to align with solution providers that extend the power of Cityworks and provide significant benefits to our customers,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO, Azteca Systems Inc. “Our relationship with CompassCom spans nearly two decades, combining the strength of our work management with their unique ability to track and route vehicles. Fort Collins is a prime example with proven success and measureable results. We call that sustainability by Empowering GIS™ for asset management, permitting, licensing and vehicle location.”

About CompassCom ™CompassCom Software Corporation is the premier provider of mobile resource management solutions integrating GPS, Geographic Information System (GIS) and wireless technology. CompassCom offers the most flexible and reliable end-to-end solutions in the industry for commercial and public sector markets. Working with business partners such as ESRI, Inc., CompassCom empowers your mobile workforce to get the right resource to the right place at the right time. For more information, visit CompassCom Software at or call 303-680-3311.


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