from Programmable Web

Picture this: you are a city employee in charge of fixing pot holes, or cleaning up illegal dumping. You have a gazzillion requests flooding in from well-meaning citizens just overjoyed to send you a text or a picture or both every time they hit a pot hole. How you gonna deal? The Cityworks API helps manage a city’s assets–when maintenance and replacement needs to be scheduled, and organizing cost-effective inspections and assessments. The REST API comprises three tasks: 1) providing access to citizens who want to make service requests; 2) provides access for third parties to make applications for work orders; and 3) implements metrics with data values that trigger work orders.

The impact is often a huge cost savings, according to Doug Hollis, Director of IT at South San Francisco, which has been using Cityworks for two years.

“Cityworks and Esri’s GIS working together have accelerated the quality of work performed within the City immensely.  Most of the City went from paper to electronics in just one year.  We are all completely ecstatic about our use of Cityworks and GIS.  Having a vision for the organization and being able to leapfrog two jumps ahead of where we were is awesome.  We are very pleased, no question about it.”

Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) Cityworks gives city managers the ability to manage assets, manage work, oversee condition assessment and do code enforcement to name just a few of the aspects it covers.