The City of Evanston, IL had an existing Cityworks implementation with an associated underlying database in Oracle that housed all of the Cityworks business tables (configuration and data). The City contacted GISi to help facilitate a migration away from the Oracle database in favor of SQL Server.

The project worked through 4 individual phases:

  1. The City of Evanston initiated a working environment by providing VPN access as well as the necessary Oracle database permission and any associated system architecture information required to facilitate remote access to the existing Oracle database.
  2. We established the process and performed the migration by leveraging Microsoft’s SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to perform the conversion.
  3. The Cityworks database was successfully converted to SQL Server, we provided a backup of the database that was restored into the City’s environment for testing and acceptance.
  4. The last task was to implement the migration for the City of Evanston on their production tier. We performed the final migration on behalf of the City by repeating the documented process against the production Cityworks database within a window of time defined by the City. During the entire process, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the client to make sure all knowledge on the process was transferred to the City of Evanston.