The word small is carefully used around City Hall in Highland Village, Texas, especially in how it relates to Cityworks, the leading GIS-centric management solution from Azteca Systems Inc. Deploying a low-cost mobile solution to provide Cityworks to field staff, the city has saved tens of thousands of dollars. From more accurate and complete data collection to improved efficiencies, Highland Village can easily point to progress made since making the switch to Cityworks.

Leveraging their agreement with the city’s telecommunications provider, Highland Village was able to deploy a low cost mobile solution enabling crews to receive work orders in the field and after hours.  The solution saved the city more than $60,000 while allowing instantaneous access to data, saving time previously spent sifting through spreadsheets.

“The use of Cityworks provides our staff an easy way to complete work orders, including specific details on tasks,” said Robert Wachal, GIS Administrator. “As a result, information is much more accurate and follow-up work is more readily available, and to more people.  With a greater overall picture of our workloads, crews are able to utilize their time and resources more effectively, grouping similar work orders together, completing them consecutively, and leveraging equipment already in the field.”

With the ability to distinguish work order types and descriptions, managers have more accurate records and documentation, allowing them to further refine and organize workflow and budget planning.  In addition, supervisors have immediate access to an array of information allowing them to respond to residents with detailed information on the spot.

“It’s easy for us to point out improved efficiencies,” continues Wachal.  “A great example: a recent audit showed that in the year previous to launching Cityworks, there were more than 500 work orders unaccounted for.  Since Cityworks, not one has fallen through the cracks!  You don’t have to be in Texas to know that’s big.”

Highland Village first implemented Cityworks Anywhere and Storeroom in August 2009.  The following June the city upgraded to Cityworks Server AMS. Public Works (water, wastewater, storm drainage, and streets) and Parks and Recreation use Cityworks to manage work activities and Cityworks Storeroom to keep accurate inventory and reordering information. Cityworks service requests keep track and notify departments of citizen requests or issues.

“By most standards, Highland Village is indeed a small city, with an appropriately sized workforce and comparable budget,” said Tom Palizzi, Vice President, Azteca Systems, Inc. “When we talk about flexible and affordable, Highland Village is a perfect example. Cityworks fits organizations and perhaps more importantly, budgets of all sizes. In a place where people like to think big, Cityworks delivers huge results. In the office, in the truck, and in the hands of field staff everywhere, Cityworks is Empowering GISTM.”

About Highland Village

Highland Village is located approximately 15 miles north of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).  Incorporated in February 1963 when lakeside residents decided to make their weekend getaway a more permanent home, Highland Village has gracefully become home to a population of 15,000. The city is rated among the safest communities in the Metroplex.

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