At the 2017 Esri® Partner Conference in Palm Springs, Calif., Esri president and CEO Jack Dangermond presented Cityworks with the Partner-to-Partner award, which recognizes Cityworks’ partnership with fellow partners of the Esri ecosystem.

The conference was held at the Palm Springs Convention Center March 4–6. The award was received by the Cityworks executive team led by president and CEO Brian Haslam.

“We are honored to be recognized by Esri for exceptional Partner-to-Partner teaming,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Cityworks–Azteca Systems. “Being a GIS-centric software solution, our number-one partner is Esri. The benefits we gain from our association with Esri are more than just technology. Added to this, we have tremendous partners who are all part of the Esri ecosystem and make our solutions even more effective.”

Cityworks has become the predominant public asset management system and the only solution built exclusively on Esri’s GIS technology. The company has been recognized repeatedly for outstanding achievements and top-level performance and is currently among a small, distinguished group of Platinum Partners.

“We learned to partner from the best—Esri,” said Haslam. “Our willingness to partner, keep commitments, and focus on our customer success has become a major part of our culture and creates more meaningful solutions for our clients around the world.”

Cityworks is currently Empowering GIS® at more than 600 sites around the world.

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