While the occurrence of extreme weather cannot be accurately predicted or regulated, Cityworks, the proven and genuine GIS-centric management solution, has changed the way the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, manages the cleanup. With Cityworks deployed throughout the public works department, staff manages everything from traditional, preventative maintenance activities to unique, reactive situations, including extreme weather events. As a result, Chattanooga now has a solid handle on the work they do throughout the city each and every day, as well as those occasional unexpected tasks.

Chattanooga Public Works provides a wide range of services, ranging from brush pickup and road repairs, to stormwater and sewer infrastructure maintenance. With the goals of finding a more effective way to track labor, materials, and equipment costs, they selected Cityworks as their new asset management solution.

Cityworks has enabled each division within the department of public works to quickly gather automated reports, detailing work for specific geographical areas,” stated Mickey Park, GISP/MCDBA GIS Systems Administrator at the City of Chattanooga.

Beyond common work maintenance activities, Cityworks has helped in managing other activities such as weather events and preventative maintenance at the city.

Cityworks has been a tremendous resource during major weather events,” said Park. “When there is flooding, tornados, hailstorms, or any other form of harsh weather that damages city property, public works personnel have been able to quickly compile this data using several different search methods within Cityworks. For instance, if a request is made to assess damages in a certain time period for a council district or another governmental agency, Cityworks provides a way to sort by areas and date range. Having this data at our fingertips has been extremely valuable and useful.”

Additionally, the city has been able to create several in-house preventative maintenance initiatives using Cityworks’ GIS capabilities. The system allows them to pinpoint and track problem areas that need ongoing attention.

“We can also schedule projects in specific areas of the city to eliminate numerous trips to the same location, therefore increasing productivity,” said Parks.

“We are always pleased when our clients are using Cityworks with great results for traditional maintenance management activities, as well as tailoring it to fit other needs,” stated Brian Haslam, President and CEO, Azteca Systems Inc. “Managing extreme weather events is a wonderful use of the software. We’ve seen many clients benefit greatly from their use of Cityworks to manage extreme weather cases, saving a great deal of time and money in the aftermath. Additionally, preventative maintenance is very worthwhile, and its results in regards to savings shouldn’t be underestimated. All these areas of usages illustrate the ROI of Cityworks. We are excited Chattanooga and many others are using the software for these purposes and so much more.”

Chattanooga plans to extend their use of Cityworks by moving to Cityworks Server in the next year, and to extend Cityworks in the Parks and Recreation department.


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