At the City of D’Iberville, Mississippi, the Public Works and Facilities department have seen some exciting changes. With Cityworks, their ability to manage the city’s infrastructure and maintenance workflow has improved significantly, with measurable results: work gets done more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

“Cityworks is a great tool and we use it daily,” said Michael Mullins, Director of Public Works and Facilities, City of D’Iberville. “It’s easy to use, very functional, and easy to understand. It allows us to keep track of work that is and is not being completed throughout the city and enables our supervisors to easily track and view progress.”

The Public Works and Facilities department is made up of three divisions: Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Water and Sewer. Each of these divisions utilizes Cityworks with measurable results, entering and updating work management records for both reactive and preventative maintenance. Maintenance staff enters valuable information, such as labor hours and materials and equipment used, along with notes and other related details. In return, Cityworks keeps a detailed history of work performed on each and every asset, helping management understand and develop more accurate budgets and workflow activities.

“Cityworks helps us keep a detailed ‘paper trail’ of both open (ongoing) and completed projects, keeping our supervisors up to date,” continued Mullins. “And when we need to print a work order for another purpose, such as billing, we can easily provide all the necessary information in one print out.”

The Parks and Recreation department is responsible for maintaining parks, ball fields and lawns, city street and median features, and easements. When a citizen calls about long grass in an easement or along a street, a work order is created and submitted to the department supervisor, who dispatches the necessary staff to take care of the problem. Cityworks helps the supervisor to stay up to date on the issue, while creating an accurate work history of the situation. Once complete, Cityworks triggers an email response to the citizen, improving customer service.

Similarly, when Public Works receives citizen calls concerning potholes, street flooding, debris pick-up, etc., they can quickly react with the necessary work orders for pothole repair, flood mitigation, or debris removal. And should the city experience a water- or sewer-related issue, they can capture the necessary information, assess the situation, and create a work order to ensure that the repairs are handled in a timely manner. In all cases, supervisors stay informed while maintaining complete, timely, and accurate information.

D’Iberville lies along the Gulf Coast near the cities of Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi. Severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the city received design assistance as a part of the federally supported rebuilding process. With nine full-time staff, the city’s Public Works and Facilities department deals with roughly 1,000 work orders per year.

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