Huntsman 140

The Huntsman 140 is an annual fundraising road cycling ride in Salt Lake City benefiting Huntsman Cancer Insitute. 100 percent of the funds raised through this ride go to support cancer research.




LOTOJA is a 200+ mile, one-day bike ride through Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Five Cityworks employees participated in the ride and 33 volunteers helped at the Alpine feed zone in Wyoming.



Dirty Ninja Mud Run

Cityworks is a sponsor of the Dirty Ninja Mud Run, a children’s race in West Bend, Wisconsin, where Cityworks has a regional office.



Hurricane Harvey

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Aaron Kreag traveled to the Houston area for a week, where he helped conduct boat rescues, welfare checks and water and food distribution. The last two days, he was joined by his 12-year-old son. Together they did home demolition and clean up and delivered more than $2,000 worth of relief supplies to the community.