Azteca Systems Inc. announces the addition of Cityworks Local Government Templates (LGT), an exciting new option for deploying Cityworks faster and easier than ever before.  For agencies of all sizes, Cityworks LGT offers users standard, out-of-the-box work activities templates to help organizations Empower GIS™ for asset and maintenance management.

Cityworks LGT is designed specifically to help Cityworks customers simplify deployment and configuration, leveraging common industry knowledge and practices. Local Government Templates can work in conjunction with Esri Local Government (data) Model (LGM) or with any independent data model.  Available to any size organization, LGT includes ready-made service request templates, work order templates, custom inspection templates and standard inspections.

“Cityworks Local Government Templates provide a quicker, more cost-effective means to deploy Cityworks,” states Becky Tamashasky, Industry Practices Manager, Azteca Systems.  “The templates provide standard work activities that organizations can use to get to work almost immediately.   In addition to service requests and work orders, LGT includes industry standard inspections, helping organizations quickly assess the condition of their infrastructure. Best of all, these templates are the result of years of public works and utilities experience from public and private sector professionals, brought together by industry application specialists – they hit the mark.“

Cityworks LGT are supported by Azteca Systems customer support and designed to perform with future software releases, and are able to take advantage of applications from the Cityworks community and partners.  The templates are built for Public Works and water related utilities, including common assets for water, sewer, storm water, streets, forestry, parks, electric, fleet and more.  Users have access to 770 work order templates, 195 service request templates, Cityworks standard inspections, and 25 custom inspection templates. New templates are continually added to the set. Organizations select the templates best suiting their needs. These templates will be made available for free to all Cityworks clients.

LGT is currently deployed on Cityworks Server 2012.1.