With Cityworks Server PLL, managing Inflow and Infiltration compliance at the City of Eagan, Minnesota, has never been easier. Faster response times and more accurate information define the City’s success in the view of its constituents, while delivering significant cost savings and productivity enhancements to the City.

Deployed in February 2011, Eagan is using Cityworks Server PLL (Permitting, Licensing, and Land) to track Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) issues, helping keep staff informed and records straight. PLL provides the City a defined process that keeps staff involved and informed at every stage of each permit, while allowing quick and easy access to all associated documents. The solution maintains the business flow throughout the permitting process, making it easy and efficient to track resolutions and outcomes in one place. Staff is informed via automated email, allowing as many users as necessary to be involved in processes.

PLL tracks the resolution process for non-compliant properties. Each property in the City of Eagan is inspected for issues that contribute I&I to the sanitary sewer system. Inspectors report all non-compliant properties to administrative staff that enter that information into PLL. The permitting process begins with the first letter informing the resident of their non-compliant issue, proceeds with the issuance of the permit in the Building Inspections department, and culminates with final completion and reimbursement of costs through the Finance department. Throughout the process, the dates and information for each step are recorded and documents are attached. Once the necessary repairs have been completed by the home owner, the final reimbursement closes out the permit.

“We’ve enjoyed some great benefits with the implementation of Cityworks Server PLL,” stated James Hauth, Utility Technician at Eagan. “Using Cityworks Server PLL to manage our Inflow and Infiltration program, we’ve been able to enforce City Ordinances more effectively. The defined process allows staff to be involved in the project and has freed up time for other staff to focus on additional areas. We will soon be adding the right-of-way permitting process and implementing the public access portion of PLL.”

The City is in the process of creating a public website for permit applicants to apply for and review their permits online. With the implementation of the public access portion of PLL, Eagan will soon be using Cityworks to handle all ROW permits.

Eagan has seen great improvements in permit tracking for non-compliant I&I permits, including efficiency, data integrity, and overall quality of the process. Before the implementation of PLL, this process was administered by one employee, and record-keeping was limited to what that employee could remember. The permitting process implemented in PLL has allowed Eagan to employ many people on various aspects of the permitting process while also maintaining a central hub for information on each resident. The City already uses PLL to track deadlines and enforce I&I program requirements, allowing City staff to focus more on correcting I&I issues and less on tracking down residents that have not completed the necessary repairs.

“Cityworks Server PLL’s breakthrough technology is consistently delivering fantastic results to agencies throughout the country,” states Brian Haslam. “Like the City of Eagan, our PLL customers are reporting faster customer service with more timely and accurate information, ultimately shaving resource requirements and costs. Designed to work together, Cityworks Server PLL and AMS offer them the advantage of a consolidated GIS-centric solution for asset management — a key business component for public agencies.”

About Eagan

The City of Eagan lies on the south bank of the Minnesota River upstream from the confluence with the Mississippi River.  Eagan and nearby suburbs form the southern portion of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the U.S.  The population of Eagan was about 65,000 at the 2010 census.  Originally a rural Irish farming community and the “Onion Capital of the United States”, Eagan became the eighth largest Minnesota city in the 2000 Census.  The City of Eagan is a dynamic community and a place where careful land use planning is resulting in lovely residential areas, extensive outdoor recreation opportunities and a quality commercial and industrial base.