Cityworks customers in the Great Lakes area of the United States will soon benefit from the opening of a new Azteca Systems, Inc. office in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Strategically placed within a high concentration of customers and remote staff, the West Bend location will open in January 2012, providing a common location for customer support, sales, services, and training.

The office will provide services to Cityworks clients located in the mid-continent and Great Lakes areas.  The company expects operational efficiencies as a result of the expansion and supports plans to open similar offices in other areas of the US.

“With a significant number of clients and a concentration of staff nearby, the idea of a regional office in West Bend was an easy first step and a smart move for us,” said Peter Hristou, CFO of Cityworks | Azteca Systems, Inc. “The office will lend itself to things other than just housing staff, such as regional training, marketing events, and related activities.   We fully expect this location to grow and become a strong, regional location for our customers and us. We expect this to be the first of many similar facilities in other parts of the US.”

“Over the years, we’ve enjoyed tremendous success with Cityworks – the benefit of a lot of hard work and forward thinking from our dedicated staff and an amazing community of users,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Cityworks | Azteca Systems, Inc. “Key to any company’s growth is in its willingness and ability to evolve and adapt. We see this in the input from our customers and the trends in technology. Collecting our talented staff in locations out among our user community will no doubt generate the synergy to help us all reach a higher level of productivity – a benefit to our customers, our team and our company.”

The new offices are located in the Capitol Building at 1755 West Paradise Drive, Suite 103, West Bend, Wisconsin 53095.