On April 30 and May 1, Cityworks employees Becky Tamashasky and Ryen Tarbet will be joining a group of industry experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to teach part of a course on citywide asset management. The course is part of a leadership and management series, and will be held at the Fluno Center. The curriculum covers a variety of topics related to citywide asset management and includes case studies from cities across North America.

For more information about the course click here.

Ryen Tarbet, public asset management practice lead for Cityworks, was invited to participate as an instructor by Thomas Smith, program director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and well-known expert in the field. The two met at an Institute for Asset Management function in December.

“Mr. Smith has assembled a team of experts from the many different facets of asset management,” Tarbet said. “We are honored to be included among such excellent company. I encourage individuals from any entity responsible for infrastructure life cycle management to attend this course.”

Mr. Tarbet works in the development of asset management software, analytical tools, and implementation processes that reflect best practices established by ISO 55000 and PAS 55. Mr. Tarbet has past experience in senior management in local government and has worked with both federal and private agencies as a GIS and asset management specialist.

Mrs. Tamashasky started her career as a consulting engineer working with municipal clients in relation to hydraulic modeling, regulatory compliance, and asset management. In 2002, Mrs. Tamashasky joined Cityworks as a regional sales representative, transitioning to research and development, and was recently appointed director of public asset management practice.


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