At the City of Hendersonville, North Carolina, daily utility and public works operations are more efficient today with Cityworks.  From Azteca Systems, Inc., Cityworks has Empowered GIS™ for by staff across many divisions, improving workflow, communication and other tangible benefits.

Cityworks manages the daily operations within the city’s Water and Sewer, and Public Works Departments.   From pump station inspections to smoke testing on the sewer system, Water and Sewer field crews have access to real-time data via a remote desktop connection to Cityworks Anywhere.  The department also uses Cityworks Storeroom to manage warehouse inventory.  While the Public Works Department continues to implement Cityworks throughout the department, the Traffic Division has been using the solution to manage street signs with a focus on sign retro-reflectivity per the recent requirements mandated in the MUTCD (Manual on Unit Traffic Control Devices).  The Fleet Maintenance Division has also been using Cityworks, along with Cityworks Storeroom to manage vehicle maintenance and warehouse inventory.  The solution has helped streamline monthly expense reports used to reconcile department funds throughout the city.

“From the get-go, our field operations crews saw the benefit of having access to maps and information while in the field,” said Rachel Magyary, GIS Analyst, City of Hendersonville.  “Now that we have over a years worth of data, they are seeing the value in having instant access to work order histories.  This, in turn, improves employee accountability and the quality of the information provided in the work orders.   Communication and customer service have improved tremendously, and the list goes on.”

Cityworks unique GIS capabilities have been a big asset to Hendersonville. Magyary continues, “I firmly believe that the spatial aspect of Cityworks is one of the key factors in why its implementation has been successful for us.  With access to interactive maps, employees view Cityworks as a “tool” to help with their daily job duties.  This helped with the initial buy-in from our field operations crews and is quickly turning into added value to their jobs.”

With the GIS now even more a part of the daily operations, feedback from the field crews has helped enhance the GIS data. Cityworks makes it easy to make the appropriate updates to the GIS data, thereby increasing spatial and asset data reliability.  Future plans for Cityworks include the continued expansion throughout the Public Works’ Streets, Parks, Sanitation, and Building Maintenance Divisions.  The Water and Sewer Department also intends to deploy Cityworks to manage treatment plants and customer service.

“It gives us great satisfaction to help cities like Hendersonville continue to meet the expectations of their citizens without increasing expenses,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO, Azteca Systems Inc.  “That’s a true measure of sustainability.  In the private sector, return on investment has long been a steadfast rule.  Today, citizens expect government to perform transparently and work efficiently.  Cityworks is designed to help meet that need – redefining work management by Empowering GIS™ for Asset Management, Permitting and Licensing.”

About Hendersonville

Hendersonville is a city in Henderson County located in Western North Carolina.  As of the 2010 census, the city population was 13,189. Hendersonville and Henderson County are part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area, the hub of Western North Carolina.  Dating shortly after the founding of Henderson County in 1838, Hendersonville is traditionally known as “The City of Four Seasons”.  Recently, the mayor of Hendersonville has proclaimed it the “Friendliest City in America”.  The town has a well-preserved Main Street and adjoining downtown area with many restaurants, antique shops, and boutiques with architecture reflecting the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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