Cityworks recently contributed to Caching Our World, an Ohio-based non-profit organization that promotes educating school-aged children about GIS and geography.  Caching Our World is currently fundraising for a non-profit ArcGIS Server license to bring educational workshops into more classrooms throughout Ohio with the help of Caching Our World organizers, volunteers and other GIS Professionals.

Founded by Rose Haverkos of the City of Hamilton (Cityworks user site), Caching Our World’s mission poses the question to children, “Where are you?” by introducing them to the multi-faceted world of geography. As part of their efforts, Caching Our World brings inner-city children to half-day workshops at the Miami University-Hamilton Campus to explore geography from different cultures around the world and the many applications of GIS.

A fundraiser for Caching Our World is taking place at the Ohio GIS User Group Meeting and four of the individuals organizing and participating in this event are Cityworks users: Rose Haverkos, City of Hamilton, Ohio (President of Caching Our World); Maureen Greener, City of Delaware, Ohio (Southwest Ohio GIS User Group member); Ken Carrier, Montgomery County Water Services Kettering, Ohio (Southwest Ohio GIS User Group Admin); Patricia Moehring, City of Lebanon, Ohio (Southwest Ohio GIS User Group Admin).