Environmentally friendly initiatives are a top priority at Azteca Systems Inc., demonstrated in their support of Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue SkySM renewable energy. The maker of Cityworks, the proven and genuine GIS-centric asset management solution, Azteca Systems takes great pride in helping bring new, renewable energy facilities online thru Blue Sky.

As a part of the Blue Sky program, Azteca Systems purchased 3,600 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy over the past year, with an equivalent environmental benefit of removing 4,495 pounds of CO2. In more tangible terms, the benefit would be the same as planting 53 trees or driving 4,555 fewer miles. Among the 88,000 Rocky Mountain Power customers participating in the Green-e Energy certified Blue Sky program, Azteca Systems has supported more than 604 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy over the past year.

“Times are changing in America today,” stated Brian Haslam, CEO/President of Azteca Systems. “We see it all around us here in Utah, around the United States, and around the world. Corporations have clearly recognized the need to give adequate consideration to the environment we share with our customers, our partners, and our friends and family. Efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are prudent, responsible, and overall cost-effective. The Blue Sky program is a great example of how we can do our part to help protect the environment, and though it may seem small, we’ve seen the difference it makes.”

Azteca Systems also maintains an array of other environmentally-conscious programs, such as providing annual mass transit passes employees, bike-to-work days, reduced energy consumption facilities, and convenient recycling options.

From the Blue Sky program to the individual contributions of its employees, Azteca Systems is committed to being a productive and responsible part of our local and global community. To learn more about Rocky Mountain’s Blue Sky program, visit this link.


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