Azteca Systems Inc. congratulates the City of Houston, Texas, Department of Public Works for recently being recognized as an APWA accredited agency, as well as the City of Palm Bay, Florida, Department of Public Works for being re-accredited with this esteemed distinction. Both the City of Houston and the City of Palm Bay are Cityworks user sites.

The APWA accreditation program provides a means of formally verifying and recognizing public works agencies for compliance with the recommended practices set forth in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. Azteca Systems is pleased to recognize a number of Cityworks client sites that are currently APWA accredited agencies:

City of Alexandria, Virginia, Department of Transportation and Environmental ServicesAllegheny County, Pennsylvania, Department of Public WorksCity of College Station, Texas, Departments of Public Works and Water ServicesCity of Dublin, Ohio, Department of Public ServicesCity of Encinitas, California, Department of Public Works and Engineering ServicesFulton County, Georgia, Department of Public WorksCity of Gainesville, Florida, Department of Public WorksCity of Greeley, Colorado, Department of Public WorksCity of Houston, Texas, Public Works DepartmentCity of Jackson, Mississippi, Department of Public WorksCity of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Public Works DepartmentCity of Miami Beach, Florida, Public Works DepartmentCity of Naperville, Illinois, Public Works DepartmentCity of Newport News, Virginia, Public Works DepartmentCity of Norman, Oklahoma, Department of Public Works, Utilities, Parks and RecreationCity of Oakland, California, Public Works AgencyCity of Palm Bay, Florida, Public Works DepartmentCity of Richmond, Virginia, Department of Public WorksCity of Topeka, Kansas, Public Works DepartmentCity of Westerville, Ohio, Public Service Department

“This is no doubt an impressive and recognizable list,” commented Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Azteca Systems, “but what is important here – the distinction – is that these agencies are committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of the infrastructure we depend on and they do so with a smart, commonsense approach that leverages tax dollars. We’re pleased to see that so many Cityworks customers have earned accreditation. We congratulate their efforts, and recognize their dedication to their constituents, to Cityworks, and to Empowering GIS®.”


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