Proponent of smart asset management, the City of Beaverton, Oregon, recently organized and hosted Portland’s first Asset Management Day. A mix of practitioners and industry leaders from the greater Portland area gathered to discuss GIS-centric asset management topics. A proud sponsor of the event, Cityworks, the proven and genuine GIS-centric management solution, appreciates Beaverton’s insight in spearheading the meeting, and applauds their dedication to sharing information on best asset management practices with their community.

With over 100 in attendance, the Portland Area Asset Management day was organized by Beaverton, Oregon, in conjunction with the Portland Area Water/Wastewater Users Group. The event, held March 21, 2013 at the Beaverton Round Executive Suites, included discussion on a variety of asset management topics, with presentations from five different industry leading organizations, including Cityworks | Azteca Systems Inc., whose presentation focused on Local Government Templates.

“We really appreciate the City of Beaverton organizing this event and inviting us to participate,” said Matt Harman, Northwest Account Manager, Azteca Systems. “Having such a great turn out to an event to discuss Asset Management with our peers was remarkable. Attendees came from Eugene, Oregon, up to the Seattle area and everywhere in between. I learned a lot from the presenters, as well as the comments from the audience. Valuable dialogue was exchanged and everyone left the event with a better understanding of what their peers are doing to successfully manage their infrastructure.”

“We’re honored to be a part of this innovative and exciting trend,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Azteca Systems. “Since the early days of GIS, this particular technology has had a unique tendency to move and ignite people to share their solutions to everyday problems. A common geography most often identifies the collective group — in this case the Portland area. It’s truly exciting for us to be a part this growing movement, helping our customers and partners engage each other to share and extend ideas to better their environment.”


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