Proponent of smarter permitting, licensing and land management, the City of West Valley, Utah, recently organized and hosted Salt Lake City’s first PLL (Permitting, Licensing, and Land) Day. Practitioners and industry leaders from the greater Salt Lake City area gathered to discuss a range of topics related to GIS-centric permitting, licensing, and land management solution strategies. Azteca Systems, Inc. sponsored the event, applauding the city’s dedication to sharing information on best permitting management practices with their community.

With a significant contingent in attendance, PLL Day was held June 19, 2013, at West Valley City Hall and included discussion on a variety of asset and permitting management topics. West Valley City staff shared their experience in implementing and using the Server PLL application to those in attendance. West Valley City has used the product since 2008 to manage, permits, planning, zoning and engineering applications, and code enforcement.

“West Valley City recently hosted the first Cityworks PLL Day in Salt Lake City,” said Jeni Siebeneck, GIS Administrator at West Valley City. “The focus of the event was on user experiences and discussion. This format provided an opportunity for those in attendance to network and learn from each other. West Valley shared about our Cityworks PLL implementation and how it has enhanced our user’s daily workflow, as well as the future direction of Cityworks PLL at the city.”

“We’re honored to be a part of this innovative and exciting trend,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Azteca Systems, Inc. “Since the early days of GIS, this particular technology has had a unique tendency to move and ignite people to share their solutions to everyday problems. Common geography usually brings together the collective groups — in this case the Salt Lake City area. It’s truly exciting for us to be a part this growing movement, helping our customers and partners engage each other to share and extend ideas to better their environment.”