Founded in 1986, Cityworks® | Azteca Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of GIS-centric Enterprise Management Systems. Created for local government, utilities and agencies, it is designed to leverage an organization’s investment in Esri’s® leading GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology. Cityworks is powerful, scalable, and affordable, Empowering GIS® for Asset Management, Permitting, Licensing and more. Cityworks has been implemented in over 500 locations with roughly 10,000 people using the software. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, Cityworks also has a regional sales and marketing office in West Bend to serve the Great Lakes Cityworks customers. This office opened in 2012 at 1755 West Paradise Drive. Azteca Systems has over 85 employees with five in the West Bend office. The West Bend office is growing and expects to double its staff within a few years.

Cityworks is a GIS-centric public asset management solution integrated with Esri’s GIS technology. Cityworks empowers GIS to manage both physical infrastructure and land-focused asset management. Service requests, work orders, inspections, and projects are used to track citizens’ concerns and staff activities. Map layers can be created to display information such as all open requests, pavement conditions and repaired potholes. Reports can be generated using different parameters. Cityworks can manage work performed by associating it to a valid address or location and later seamlessly updating the history.

The City of West Bend is responsible for the maintenance and management of our assets – roads, water hydrants and mains, storm sewer, sidewalks, street trees, and parks to name a few. The city utilizes Cityworks technology for our asset management and maintenance. The city’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division administers the Cityworks software. Departments and divisions that utilize Cityworks include GIS, public works, streets, water, sewer, and parks, forestry and recreation. Other Wisconsin government organizations that utilize Cityworks include Milwaukee County, Waupun Utilities, Green Bay Water Utilities, Beloit, Racine, Pleasant Prairie, Kaukauna, and General Mitchell International Airport.

Cityworks plays an important role in the city’s ability to manage and repair our many assets smoothly. For example, Joe Smith calls the department of public works because there is a pothole in front of 1706 Eder Lane. The staff person will enter a work order for this location. A public works laborer will go to the site, fill in the pothole, record the work in Cityworks, and close the work order. Records are kept for the work and the address. Reports and data can then be analyzed to determine future construction needs.


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