The Town of Colonie, New York, has found great success using Cityworks Server PLL and Server AMS together for a complete work management solution. The programs provide the town with a central database for managing asset and permitting data, and make it possible to link the two systems when needed. For Colonie, the GIS-centric platform capabilities are key to the advantageous nature of the solution.

“The Town of Colonie has found a large benefit from our joint use of Cityworks Server PLL and AMS,” says Rob Mateja, GIS coordinator at Colonie, “particularly in our capital planning process. Everything our public operations do is associated with either a fixed asset or a parcel of land. Being able to see this work on a map is incredibly helpful to both frontline staff and higher-up decision makers.”

Cityworks is used throughout Colonie in the Water, Sewer, Highway, Building, Planning, and Fire Services Departments. It is also being used to track service requests and work performed on water and sanitary sewer infrastructure systems, and to track complaints made to the Building Department such as buildings without a permit, property maintenance issues, and vehicle complaints.

Before implementing Server PLL in 2010, it was difficult to track the work being done in residential and commercial building permitting, including when the work was happening and who was completing it. “We were very excited when Cityworks introduced Server PLL,” explains Mateja. “Not only were we able to move away from a paper system, but having permitting data in the same database as our asset management data provided opportunities to link the systems together when appropriate.”

For example, when a new home is built, a water and sewer permit is associated with the construction site. In addition, there are water line and sewer lateral installations and inspections that are completed as work orders on the home. Now the entire process is being captured in Cityworks, which gives the town a complete picture of what is going on at the construction site.Colonie first started implementing Server PLL in the Public Works Department to track complaints and field work performed on water and sewer systems. The town is now issuing all permits through Cityworks, including building, water, sewer, highway work, grading, and operating permits. Cityworks tracks the entire planning approval process for new subdivisions and major commercial projects.

“Having the ability to see the workflow in its entirety in Server PLL has been invaluable,” says Mateja. “Currently, the building department is starting to track complaints in Cityworks, which allows us to tie complaints with a permit when appropriate. Cityworks has made it possible for a project to be captured in its entirety, from a developer’s initial concept all the way through certificate of occupation.”

Using Server PLL has given staff the ability to see the status of all permits. Fees are now calculated within the system, which has eliminated errors, and permits now have a payment history associated with them.

Cityworks manages all money collected throughout the permitting process. The town can then generate reports to accompany money to the comptroller’s office, providing an internal control system.

Using Cityworks Server PLL and AMS together has been very beneficial for Colonie. The town looks forward to continued benefits moving forward with the complete Cityworks solution.

By Rob Mateja, GIS Coordinator, Town of Colonie, New York.


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