The Customer Support group continues to grow, adapting to the company’s steady expansion and implementing new tools.

Cityworks Online chat, powered by Citrix GoToAssist, rolled out in late 2011, allowing support cases to be handled completely through chat sessions. Though telephone support continues to be the most common method of communication, online chat is a fast and efficient way to resolve some technical issues.

The Customer Support group recently migrated to Salesforce. A primary goal was to store in one place all client information and interaction. With a common relationship management system, timely and consistent client information is available to accurately address customer needs.

As client population grows, Azteca Systems continues to look for qualified staff. Opening offices in strategic locations throughout the country will help tap talent pools outside Utah.

Customer satisfaction is among the primary objectives at Azteca Systems, and the Customer Support team remains poised and committed to meet that objective, providing fast and effective responses to your needs.