Cityworks, the leading GIS-centric public asset management platform, demonstrated live on the main stage at the 2015 Cityworks User Conference, CycloMedia’s Street SmartTM Application working seamlessly with the Cityworks platform. The integration illustrates the power of leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS cloud based solutions with visualization and management tools to create an innovative use of technologies for remote asset management.

“CycloMedia introduced us to an exciting new way to make work much easier and more efficient for our user community,“ said Brian Haslam, Cityworks President and CEO. “Public Works professionals can now perform inspections, make condition assessments, edit features in their geodatabase and create a Cityworks work order without leaving the office. We are very excited about the integration and look forward to hearing the success of our customers.”

Integrating Cityworks with CycloMedia’s Street SmartTM Application inside the ArcGIS Online platform takes a “multi-service platform partnership approach” to implementing, maintaining and managing the city’s infrastructure with minimal investment. Users become more responsive, operating more efficiently to workflow and service requests.

This is an opportunity for cities to economically manage their assets more across one platform and enhance existing workflows without modification to their IT infrastructure.

We believe our customers want a “whole product solution”, one that seamlessly integrates their core GIS platform with a workflow specific application and a high quality actionable image database. With our growing partnership with Esri and Cityworks, our shared goal is to meet and exceed the requirements of the Public Works professional,” said Joe Astroth, CEO of CycloMedia Technology, Inc.


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