With the release of Cityworks 2010, and in the spirit of Azteca’s commitment to going green, Cityworks documentation has now gone digital. All product documentation is now packaged with the software, whereas it had previously only been available on MyCityworks.com.

The documentation for Cityworks Server is embedded in the Server build and accessed from the title bar. To access the documentation for Cityworks Desktop and Anywhere, click on the Start menu, navigate to All Programs and then Cityworks. Click on Cityworks to list the contents, and then click to open the Help folder. The Designer Guide is currently provided in a PDF format, but the User Guide, Add-ons Guide, and Inspections and Tests documentation are provided in a net-help format. Designer will soon be provided in the net-help format.

Cityworks documentation will continue to grow as the products mature. Our documentation team is committed to providing product documentation that is easily accessible and as helpful as possible.

By Ryan Harris, Documentation Supervisor, Azteca Systems, Inc.