Easy, fast, and affordable are the goals of Cityworks® Local Government Templates (LGT) by Cityworks – Azteca Systems, Inc. While the Cityworks Server AMS LGT model has already been available, Azteca Systems announces the addition of Cityworks Server PLL templates to Cityworks LGT. As an exciting new option for deploying Server PLL, LGT provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to deploy the proven and genuine GIS-centric permitting, licensing, and land management solution.

“We are constantly asked for advice and guidance on how to efficiently manage and run Server PLL processes,” stated Sheldon Bagley, head software developer of Server PLL at Cityworks – Azteca Systems. “To meet that demand we are incorporating PLL activities and templates into the LGT model. We are excited to see how our customers react, and we will continue to add and enhance PLL elements and items into LGT going forward.”

LGT for Server PLL includes templates for common permit activities, code enforcement, planning activities, and lists of common tasks that are associated with these areas, making the solution a way for an organization to easily get up and running with Server PLL.

“Cityworks staff has worked with current PLL clients as well as business partners to compile lists of templates for common planning, permitting, and regulatory processes of local government,” said Matt Harman, Cityworks regional sales manager. “Cityworks LGT is designed specifically to help Cityworks customers simplify deployment and configuration of the system. In addition, it is more efficient to draw from the Cityworks community as whole and standardize many processes rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’ for each project.”

With Cityworks LGT, which is designed specifically to align with the Esri Local Government Information Model, most cities are able to post the initial configuration for review and refinement in just a few weeks. The review process is mainly tweaking the models versus having to come up with templates from scratch. While Cityworks LGT can work in conjunction with Esri Local Government Information Model, it will also work with any independent data model and is available to any size organization.

“Public agencies have an all-encompassing view of Asset Management, including the use of public land, permitting, development review and related regulatory functions,” stated Brian Haslam, president and CEO of Cityworks – Azteca Systems. “A natural extension to our Cityworks Local Government Templates (LGT) for infrastructure, we developed a similar set of standard templates for community development, code enforcement and building departments providing local government a true enterprise platform. Coupled with Esri’s ArcGIS, Cityworks LGT provides standard workflows that allow organizations to work more efficiently and effectively in a common framework.”


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