Cityworks Asset Analytics has taken a significant leap forward through the acquisition the intellectual property rights to Infrastructure Optimization (IO) from Woolpert, Inc. IO is a GIS-centric infrastructure planning tool that incorporates condition, risk, and levels of service into different infrastructure investment scenarios. IO allows planners, engineers, city managers, and other stakeholders to develop short, medium, and long-range rehabilitation and replacement scenarios using methods recommended by the asset management standards ISO 55000 and PAS 55.

Recognizing the growing adoption of failure modes, levels of service, consequence of failure, probability of failure, and total lifecycle costs in rehabilitation and replacement planning, the acquisition helps Cityworks Asset Analytics meet the needs of customers. The expanded framework will enable customers to create budget scenarios and define capital projects using these metrics, regardless of creating them within Cityworks®, in the GIS, or consuming them from other third-party modeling systems.

“As part of our expanded Asset Analytics framework, the Cityworks Maintenance ScoreTM will allow customers to create measureable and transparent maintenance strategies that can both inform these models, as well as benefit from them,” said Ryen Tarbet, Practice Lead, Asset Management, Cityworks.  “We have created a truly unique position in the industry. We are creating tools that reconcile the near-term maintenance of our infrastructure with whole lifecycle modeling, regardless of where the lifecycle model comes from.”

“As a third-party tool to Cityworks, Woolpert’s Infrastructure Optimization has greatly improved the decision-making capabilities of our clients,” said Kirk McClurkin, GISP, discipline director of geospatial and technology services at Woolpert.  “We are pleased that Cityworks recognizes the value this planning tool can bring to their public asset management solution and look forward to the Asset Analytics framework enhancements.”

“Our intention is to use ArcGIS visualization and analytics tools to look for emerging patterns and the convergence of historical maintenance patterns and condition—data traditionally stored in Cityworks—paired with the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure,” states Brian Haslam, president and CEO of Cityworks–Azteca Systems. “This data is derived either through subjective classification, such as Woolpert’s IO, or provided from a lifecycle asset modeling system such as Innovyze, RIVA, and Sedaru, as well as pavement management software.  Central for the visualization and analytics is a framework in Cityworks for housing the data. We are pleased to have come to an agreement with Woolpert to design and create the Cityworks framework using data structures fashioned from the proven success of Woolpert’s IO.”


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