From the management of underground assets—like pipes, valves, and meters—to automatic hydrant inspection to efficiencies in our billing system, GIS can help increase the quality of service your water utility provides every day.

Central Arkansas Water (CAW) has been a Cityworks user since 2008 and an Esri user since 1996. They wrote an article for Esri News for Water highlighting how their use of these two platforms has grown across their entire organization. 

Cityworks and ArcGIS support several critical workflows across the entire organization with significant return on investment (ROI). One of those workflows is a valve inspection program launched with the help of CAW’s GIS department 2013. According to Blake Weindorf, CAW director of distribution, Cityworks and ArcGIS enable in-house staff to complete the inspections—saving the organization approximately $1 million every five years.

We piloted [the program] against a third-party vendor who would do similar work. We concluded that over the course of five years, we could inspect all valves in the system for about $468,000. Alternatively, the third party would charge more than $1.6 million for the same work over the same time period.

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