How is your community handling reopening and return to work? Our COVID-19 solution can help your organization through the transition with templates to manage business applications, inspections, and health policy enforcement.

With all 50 states in the U.S. reopened to some extent and some provinces in Canada easing certain lockdown restrictions, communities are entering the recovery stage of the COVID-19 pandemic while still monitoring guidelines for social distancing, capacity ratios, and protective equipment. Each community is responding in a different way, whether proactively managing business reopenings or relying on community engagement such as residents reporting violations.

We have accounted for both scenarios with new templates available in the Cityworks COVID-19 solution.

Reopening Templates in Cityworks PLL

We added two new templates to the Cityworks PLL solution: Reopen Business and Reported Violation. If your organization has the time and resources to undertake a proactive reopening process, the Reopen Business application can help streamline this process. A business owner could log into Cityworks Public Access and apply for this case. They go through the familiar intake process, providing their location, their contact information, and data such as when they’d like to reopen.

Cityworks PLL Template: Reopen Business

Once submitted, internal staff could access this case within Cityworks Respond and go through the workflow. First, the health department could acknowledge receipt of the application. After that, the application review would take place. Five conditions on the case must be met before proceeding: 1) regulated and enhanced cleaning 2) screening employees 3) gatherings must be limited or prohibited 4) employees must be allowed outdoor breaks 5) web conferencing implemented and used. Then, the inspection could take place, ensuring that the business has adopted safe and approved procedures during the reopening process.

If the inspection is successful, internal staff can indicate that the Certificate of Occupancy has been reissued.

Once the health department's business reopen inspection is passed, a certificate of occupancy can be reissued.

Our second template engages the public in your reopening process. By allowing your residents to report violations through Public Access, organizations can quickly react to problems as they arise. An individual could log into Public Access and enter the business location and then note any violations they observed both categorically and free form within the Case Data section.

Cityworks PLL Template: Reported Violation

Once submitted, internal staff could review the case. This simple workflow contains just two tasks. First, a freeform inspection giving the organization the flexibility to respond to any reported violation. Then, if the inspection fails, a citation task is inserted to record and track any businesses that have been cited based on a COVID violation.

When a resident reports a health violation, internal staff can quickly review the case.

Reopening Templates in Cityworks AMS

A new Cityworks AMS workflow within our COVID-19 solution helps businesses safely reopen while being held accountable by the community. Initially, staff can capture violations through the Reopening Business Violation service request, which can track the intake method, business type, and alleged violation. This allows staff to see contact information along with whether the report was taken over the phone, online, or in person; whether the business is essential or not; and the type of violation including scams or price gouging. Depending on the alleged violation, staff could track labor, investigate, and then close out the service request.

Reopening Business Violation Service Request

If the alleged violation requires further work, the COVID-19 Violations work order could be created, which automatically creates a linked Alleged Violations inspection.

Cityworks AMS Business Reopening Workflow

The inspection has three observation areas to document the alleged violation, what is in compliance or not, and what actions were taken. Once the staff has completed the observations and added e-signatures, they could then save and go back to the work order to add equipment, labor, and materials used.

Business Inspections Observations in Cityworks Respond

All of these activities would roll up to the COVID-19 project and total the expended costs. Meanwhile, the project dashboard has also been updated to accurately depict the distribution of service requests with a pie chart.

The project dashboard has also been updated to accurately depict the distribution of service requests with a pie chart.

To learn more about how Cityworks can assist your community with reopening and returning to work, schedule a demo today!


By Dan Puerling and Dinorah Sanchez, Cityworks Subject Matter Experts

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