From time to time, homeowners find it necessary to contact their respective cities to report problems or issues they have encountered.

Such was the case for Cityworks employee Matt Harman, northwest regional sales manager, who noticed a leak in the irrigation meter valve while installing a sprinkling system at his new home in Saratoga Springs, Utah. This provided him with the perfect opportunity to experience the Saratoga Springs City Mobile app by CitySourced, which is integrated with Cityworks, to report the problem. 

After noticing the leak on Friday, Harman was able to use his iPhone to send a service request through the app. A few minutes later, he received an email stating his service request had been received and was logged into Cityworks.

Behind the scenes, as Harman continued to install his sprinkling system, a work order was created in Cityworks and sent to the city’s maintenance crew. The crew fixed the leak and closed the work order, at which point an email was sent to Harman showing the leak had been fixed by Monday afternoon.

Without Cityworks and the city’s mobile app, Harman would have had to wait all weekend to submit his service request because the city offices in Saratoga Springs are not open on Fridays. Using the mobile app proved to be much more efficient and time saving than trying to call the city directly to get the issue fixed.

“As a resident of Saratoga Springs, the mobile app was easy to use and the communication between the app and Cityworks was very efficient. I’m glad to see governments leveraging technology to increase the level of service they provide to the community,” said Harman. 

The city implemented Server AMS/PLL in 2014 and worked with CitySourced to launch their Saratoga Springs City Mobile app in early 2015.

Owen Jackson, public relations and economic development director for Saratoga Springs, said, “The ability for our residents to directly input service requests via the CitySourced app has given staff the ability to quickly respond to residents’ needs. The interface between the programs has been smooth and accessible for city staff and their customer service is exceptional. Saratoga Springs is continually looking for methods to improve efficiency and provide a high level of service to our residents and we feel that both programs have helped meet these criteria.”

Use of the Cityworks service request API, coupled with the CitySourced integration, provides a convenient service for citizens to report issues, allowing for faster turnaround and open communication between citizens and their city. With continued growth in the area, the app will become an even more valuable asset to the city and its citizens.


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