Who says small cities can’t have sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology solutions? At the City of Herriman, Utah, that is precisely what they do. Taking advantage of emerging technology, the city is among the first organizations to roll-out Cityworks AMS using an on-premise cloud hosting approach.

Only a short time ago, hosting was considered a thing of the future. For Cityworks, today is the future. Many organizations are considering and choosing on-premise hosting to supplement their in-house IT.  This compelling approach empowers staff in the office and the field with sophisticated and powerful GIS-centric asset management capabilities.

For organizations who want help maintaining their Cityworks system, supported on-premise Cloud hosting offers a cost-effective approach to deploying and maintaining Cityworks. In the case of Herriman, the city was having difficulty finding the time to effectively propagate Cityworks Desktop to additional departments. They needed additional IT resources. The best option for the city was to host Cityworks using an on-premise Cloud approach, supported by Azteca Systems.

“We have found that in moving to Cityworks AMS, we were able to deploy to a much broader user base,” said Destiny Skinner, ITS Coordinator at the City of Herriman. “The customization process has simplified the user training and has eliminated a lot of user concerns. The cloud technology allows us to dynamically view and change data within Cityworks. It has made it to where Cityworks and our finance software integrate together through a Cityworks supported API. The ease-of-use has made it possible to push out to additional departments and staff in a much shorter time period.”

“Having the support of Azteca Systems using an on-premise Cloud approach has eliminated much of the trial and error that most implementations experience,” said Steve Brown, ITS manager at the City of Herriman. “With Cityworks AMS, management is able to view the work progress in all departments merely by looking at their customized Inbox. Cityworks Inbox has out-of-the-box views for managers, supervisors, field workers, call takers, and can be customized to each department’s specific needs.”

The Cityworks roll-out went smooth and fast. Staff quickly mastered the browser-based user interface. Deployment to field users was simplified; all they need is a tablet with a wireless connection and a browser. With Cityworks in the field, staff productivity improves with accurate and real-time information at their fingertips.

Next up, Cityworks will be configured and deployed to the Water, Parks and Recreation, Signs, and Roads departments. Other departments can access the software simply by using a browser. Cityworks software does not need to be installed locally on the device.

Furthermore, Herriman plans to deploy Cityworks for emergency management, providing a much more efficient and timely means to manage crisis situations. The city may also consider off-site hosting. For Herriman, ArcGIS and Cityworks are mission-critical applications. For Emergency Preparedness, the redundancy provided by off-premise hosting is attractive. A leader in emergency planning, Herriman is interested in any approach that can raise their level of preparedness and improve their response to an emergency.

“We have a number of organizations that have chosen to deploy Cityworks using an on-premise Cloud approach,” said Brian Haslam, president and CEO of Azteca Systems. “Without question, Cloud computing is much more than a passing fad. In these days of limited resources, it offers an attractive alternative to traditional software deployments because it provides an avenue for Cityworks to organizations who previously, for various reasons, were not able to deploy GIS-centric Asset Management. Our goal is to help make Cityworks available to any organization, any size, and any budget. We see our relationship with local governments as a partnership where we both have a common goal to improve constituent satisfaction with local government services. ”

“Cloud computing clearly makes it possible to deliver sophisticated and powerful applications like Cityworks to cities of all sizes and capabilities,” said Wayne Hill, vice president of client relations at Azteca Systems. “The on-premise cloud approach is one way to supplement IT resources. Cityworks can be deployed in any sized organization. Our experience at Herriman proves the benefits and productivity gains realized from Cityworks Asset Management are now available to all organizations.”

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