The seemingly small city of Highland Village, Texas, has experienced many Texas-sized benefits as a result of implementing Cityworks.  From more accurate and complete data collection to improved efficiencies, the city easily demonstrated the progress they have made since making the switch to Cityworks.

Prior to their Cityworks implementation, Highland Village used a Microsoft Excel based work order management system that only captured minimal work history and completed projects. The system simply did not provide a way to account for important details pertaining to work completed.

Recognizing their need for an Asset Management System (AMS) that would provide a more detailed work history, Highland Village began their search. They soon discovered Cityworks and selected it as the system that would best fit their needs.

Highland Village’s selection of Cityworks was based on a number of points. The city was most impressed with Cityworks’ ability to provide a standard user interface, capturing the same information for each work order, and keeping the details consistent throughout the system.This allowed for uniform cost tracking and work order history based on each asset. The city was also drawn to the extended capabilities of Cityworks Storeroom. Its accountability features and easy-to-manage inventory system enabled staff to keep up-to-date inventory and cost-out jobs based on past materials used. Based on auditor’s recommendations for a storeroom/materials tracking type system, the city decided Cityworks Storeroom was the best fit.

The City of Highland Village first implemented Cityworks Anywhere and Storeroom in August of 2009. In June of 2010, Cityworks Server was brought online for citywide use. Currently, the Public Works Department (water/wastewater, storm drainage, and streets) and Parks & Recreation use Cityworks Server to manage work activities throughout the city, and Cityworks Storeroom to keep accurate inventory and reordering information. In addition, service requests are entered into Cityworks to track and notify departments of citizen requests or issues.

The use of Cityworks has resulted in many benefits for Highland Village. The program has provided city employees with a way to collect and produce accurate and complete work order documentation, including specific feedback on tasks completed. The system has also made information on follow-up work more easily and readily available to supervisors. With a greater overall picture of work needing to be completed, crews are able to utilize their time and resources more effectively by grouping similar work orders together and completing these work orders consecutively. This allows them to easily leverage equipment that is already out in the field. With the ability to distinguish work order types and descriptions, the city’s decision-makers are now enabled with more accurate records and documentation, allowing them to further refine and organize workflow and budget planning. In addition, supervisors now have immediate access to provide accurate information for insurance information requests and provide residents with accurate information on any work orders performed.

Cityworks Storeroom provides complete and readily available accounting of materials kept on-hand, with current and accurate inventory numbers. Staff communicates with the city’s main suppliers to input the Material ID from Storeroom into the supplier’s information, allowing the city to identify materials falling below the minimum quantity and easily following up with suppliers to restock needed materials.
Highland Village has identified improved efficiencies. After a recent audit, the city found that in the year previous to their Cityworks implementation, there were over 500 work orders unaccounted for. With Cityworks, work orders no longer fall through the cracks.

Leveraging their agreement with the city’s telecommunications provider, Highland Village was able to deploy a low cost mobile solution enabling crews to receive work orders in the field and at home while on call and/or after hours. This solution has saved the city over $60,000 in equipment and software than originally designed, and has allowed immediate access to data for employees, saving time previously spent sifting through spreadsheets.

Highland Village is located midway between Denton and Dallas, approximately 15 miles north of DFW Airport. The city was incorporated in February 1963 after approximately 100 lakeside residents decided to make their homes permanent.  Early residents were mainly from the Dallas area looking to get away for the weekend.  They enjoyed it there so much they put down their roots in what became Highland Village. With a population of roughly 15,000, Highland Village is a residential community rated the safest in North Texas.

By Robert Wachal, GIS Administrator, City of Highland Village, Texas and Lindsay Ferguson, PR & Marketing, Azteca Systems, Inc. — Cityworks

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