The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest water and power utility in the United States, serving over 4 million people across an area of more than 460 square miles. The services they provide are essential for ensuring that residents in their service area have access to safe, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure.

A couple years ago, they were faced with aging mainframe applications and information silos, making it difficult for them to acquire accurate data on assets.

To solve this problem, LADWP updated their workflows and enriched their management of data by implementing a new enterprise-wide GIS platform, based on Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise, as well as several apps. The utility also adopted Cityworks AMS to work in unison with ArcGIS to help manage workflows relating to inspections, maintenance, and engineering design.

A Cityworks AMS integration with an app developed by POWER Engineers was implemented to help monitor utility pole data. This integration has allowed LADWP to automatically generate over 4,000 work management requests, which has saved the team hundreds of hours of data entry time.

LADWP’s use of GIS, along with various apps and integrations has streamlined workflows, allowed for real-time access to valuable data, and has increased collaboration and efficiency both in the field and office. This has ultimately enriched the service that they are able to provide to their community and has empowered them to promote the health, safety, and sustainability of municipal infrastructure.

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