The City of Escondido, California, has been on a growth trajectory, having tripled the typical rate of development in the past few years. And with new development comes an increased demand on water supply.

That’s why water utility managers took advantage of an offer from Cityworks and Trimble to participate in a pilot program for creating a system of action that focuses on leveraging their investment in Cityworks, ArcGIS, water sensor data, location intelligence, and analytics tools. The system was implemented by combining the Cityworks and ArcGIS asset management solution with Trimble’s Telog IoT pressure recorders and Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring software.

“We were able to make some changes and improvements using the data from the system within days,” says Rob Van De Hey, Escondido’s information systems manager and deputy city manager. “It was a huge success for us, with minimal investment other than time and energy into it to realize that this is really the right direction for us and the right product for us.”

He added that by utilizing the integrated Cityworks and Trimble technology, “we’re creating more efficient workflows, preventative maintenance, and reacting to emergencies faster.”

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