The City of Longview, Texas, is experiencing substantial benefits with Cityworks, the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions. Positive results from Cityworks include enhanced GIS capabilities, better reporting, time and cost savings, and the benefits of an enterprise management solution. Staff is very enthusiastic with the results and future potential of the system.Longview first implemented Cityworks in their Public Works department (Water, Sewer, Streets, Traffic, and Drainage divisions) and soon after expanded it to be used within Parks, Buildings/Facilities, Warehouse, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City has seen many positive outcomes resulting from the use of Cityworks. Enhanced GIS capabilities have resulted in more effective and efficient work management in being able to visualize assets with full history and any work needs. Reporting practices have greatly improved as supervisors now have the ability to create reports and more easily convey work status in their areas providing better, more timely information throughout the City. With more accurate information on equipment, labor and material costs, the City is able to compare costs more effectively, resulting in better management decisions and greater overall savings.

“Cityworks has saved us a lot of time with work delegation and has increased our communication,” Justin Cure, GIS Manager at the City of Longview. “Previous to Cityworks, management would have to individually seek out supervisors and report work that needed to be carried out. Now, they simply enter tasks into Cityworks, and supervisors automatically know what work needs to be handled, providing a way to clearly track work being performed and the completion of that work. These capabilities have produced time savings and resulted in increased communication and efficiency of our overall processes.”

Cityworks has enabled the City to manage multiple divisions and departments through a centralized database and share information across the organization. Through their Cityworks ELA (Enterprise License Agreement), the City has access to the entire Cityworks suite of products and plans to grow their usage to other applications. Mr. Cure continues, “Because of Cityworks’ GIS-centric, enterprise-wide capabilities, and through or Cityworks ELA, when discussing where Cityworks can and will be expanded throughout the City, the sky is the limit.”

“Longview has experienced fantastic dividends in a short period of time – a result of their GIS-centric vision, enthusiasm and commitment to running with the solution,” stated Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “Cityworks is a powerful system yet easily adaptable to meet a variety of needs. As Longview has discovered, it provides the capabilities organizations need for an advanced and effective enterprise solution.”

About Longview
The City of Longview is located in Northeastern Texas and has an estimated population of just over 78,000. Longview’s economy is very healthy and, despite the national downturn in the housing market, the city is growing and home prices continue to rise. Some major sectors of Longview’s economy include the East Texas Oil Field, technology, and manufacturing. Longview is a hub for East Texas’ outdoor recreation and leisure travel, and is famous for its festivals, fine dining, and historic downtown. There are 25 lakes within 75 miles of Longview, providing many outdoor activities.

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