Loveland, Colorado, a small city nestled in the heart of Northern Colorado, is one of many cities seeing vast improvements in quality of work in the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) sector thanks to CompassCom, a leader in the AVL industry and strong Cityworks partner. CompassCom offers agencies the ability to manage vehicles and mobile assets through real-time dispatch, which enhances accountability, efficiency, and safety in clients’ investment with Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS for Server.

The City of Loveland is a long time CompassCom and Cityworks customer. By improving situational awareness, CompassCom saves fuel, time, and vehicle wear for Loveland, and also provides accurate mileage and driving pattern data for scheduled and event-driven maintenance. As a snowy city, Loveland benefits from CompassCom’s ability to measure and monitor material usage (salt, sand, magnesium chloride, herbicide, and pesticide) in vehicles such as sprayers, snowplows, and sweepers. Paying close attention to the material details reduces costs while protecting the environment. CompassCom serves as a measurable return on investment for Loveland.

Integrating Technology in Loveland

Cityworks users, like Loveland, who are looking for an AVL solution can depend on CompassCom for integrated real-time mobile asset and fleet management. The CompassCom AVL seamlessly integrates with the Esri ArcGIS for Server display used by Cityworks, providing dispatchers and managers a single, combined display to view their assets, reducing the number of applications needed to make real time decisions. CompassReports and the Cityworks application also offer the ability to do after-action and historical cost analysis.

Shannon Smith, City of Loveland Cityworks administrator, commented on the integration of Cityworks and CompassCom, saying, “The integration was seamless using Cityworks 2013, and having the vehicles available inside Cityworks Server AMS is a great tool.” And although Loveland is fairly new to the technology, Smith says that the combination of Cityworks and CompassCom is “very helpful in dispatching crews to trouble locations. It has also made it much easier to make work orders in Cityworks.”

Offering Solutions Together

CompassCom and Cityworks believe that many other customers will benefit from the integration of the two solutions. Managers can monitor public works, emergency response, or utility vehicles in real-time, noting vehicle status easily, seamlessly, and directly within the Cityworks viewer. With CompassCom’s GPS-based fleet management, city managers can see detailed information on the status of vehicles and high-value assets such as generators and air compressors to view their performance, including data such as mileage, idle time, routes, and stops taken, or whether lights are flashing or a snowplow is down.

Using a combination of wireless technology, hardware, and software, an AVL solution with CompassCom is an economically feasible solution to control costs and manage resources through real-time, accurate monitoring of every vehicle.

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