The Natural Resources Division at the City of Minnetonka, Minnesota, is utilizing Cityworks by Azteca Systems, Inc., the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions, to manage their tree care program with fantastic results. From tracking City trees and forestry-related assets to assisting in the Shade Tree Disease Control Program, the Division has measured benefits from using Cityworks.The Minnetonka Natural Resources Division uses Cityworks to track virtually all forestry-related work. The Division has found processes to be much easier with Cityworks as it provides one, unified framework for all asset data. For example, each year the Division typically removes between 1,300 and 2,900 trees throughout the City on private and public properties. Cityworks has enabled the City to effectively track this information along with details associated with the work. In addition, Cityworks has been instrumental in the success of the City’s Shade Tree Diseased Tree Program, which manages the care of diseased trees on private and public property. This effort helps prevent epidemic-level outbreaks. As part of the program, the City is preparing to manage the anticipated outbreak of the Emerald Ash Borer insect utilizing Cityworks. Enabling the City to carry out multiple tasks associated with the program, Cityworks has helped staff operate in a more effective and efficient manner, saving time, money and materials.“After researching various CMMS programs, the City discovered Cityworks and we quickly determined it could meet the needs of the Natural Resources Division,” stated Emily Ball, ISA Certified Arborist & City Forester at the City of Minnetonka. “We also saw how it could provide many other advanced benefits from its GIS-centric capabilities. By providing a more comprehensive framework, Cityworks has allowed us to track and update Forestry service requests and work orders more effectively than ever. The features of the program – especially the ability to task work – have made it easier to find relevant information much more quickly while the GIS/mapping capabilities allow staff to see exactly where work has taken place or needs to occur.”

The Natural Resources Division anticipates further benefits as staff becomes more accustomed to using the program and streamlining certain processes. In 2011, the Division expects to use Cityworks for budget tracking. Along with Natural Resources, several other divisions within Public Works are currently in the processes of implementing Cityworks, including Engineering, Utilities, Streets, and Parks.

“Cityworks works well for Minnetonka’s Forestry management,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “The importance of preserving natural resources is becoming more and more understood and vital in today’s world. Cityworks has proven to be a key component in helping agencies manage such environmental initiatives – urban trees and forests, parks and noxious weeds, for example. Every day, our customers speak volumes about the benefits of Cityworks and how its intuitive GIS-centric framework helps them manage whatever assets they chose, at client sites around the world.”

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About Minnetonka
Located in Hennepin County, just eight miles west of Minneapolis, Minnetonka is a suburban community of 51,451 residents, making it the 19th largest city in Minnesota. Minnetonka is proud of its reputation as a city that preserves its natural resources. Residents can enjoy 49 community parks, more than 81 miles of maintained sidewalks and trails, and more than 1000 acres of public open space, as well as natural scenery that includes mature trees, wetlands, and prairies.

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