In this Cityworks Converge presentation the San Juan Water District (SJWD) explains how they underwent a modernization and transformation by implementing an organization-wide GIS program using Esri’s ArcGIS Utility Network and Cityworks. The project centered on engineering services and its migration from a two-desktop CAD system into enterprise GIS.

SJWD chose ArcGIS Utility Network and Cityworks due to their seamless integration and GIS-centric abilities. As David Long, a CMMS/GIS Coordinator for SJWD explained in an article published by Esri, “Cityworks offers much more capability over conventional CMMS systems because it was built on top of ArcGIS, which lets it take advantage of the geospatial capabilities of the GIS. This is especially important for managing assets across a large geographic area.”

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Since the implementation, staff are able to view and edit production GIS features in Cityworks, eliminating duplicate data and workflows. A streamlined workflow between the SJWD Customer Service Group and the Field Service Group allows near real-time notification of issues within the district. This empowers service technicians to respond quickly to problems, which is critical in California, where water is such a precious commodity due to the drought.

“Cityworks has greatly improved our efficiency on our programs and communication between departments; for example; when we performed our hydrant and valve exercise maintenance programs this year, it was much easier to track progress and extract all the deficiencies that needed to be addressed. Also, it is much quicker submitting work orders to the correct department and to track the progress of any work order. GIS mapping has been a great tool as well, providing our operators with all the info on history or attributes of assets right at their fingertips, allowing for more precise communication between operators, homeowners, contractors, utilities, and other internal departments. I am really pleased with the implementation of Cityworks.” —Tom Clark, Distribution Lead Worker

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The integration of ArcGIS and Cityworks has improved communication, and unified work processes have increased organization engagement and awareness. New ideas from users are being generated as they become more familiar with the products and their capabilities.

“I meet with teams from all departments on a regular basis to [ensure that] their needs are being met. Their questions are usually, ‘Can Cityworks do this, or can we do that with the GIS?’ The answer is almost always yes!”—David Long, CMMS/GIS Coordinator

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