Cityworks 2010.1 SP2 is now available for download on This release includes updates to Server AMS/PLL, Web Services (APIs), Desktop, and Anywhere. We recommend all Server AMS, PLL, Web Services, Desktop, and Anywhere customers download 2010.1 SP2 at their earliest convenience in order to ensure the highest quality experience when working with Cityworks software.

Cityworks 2010.1 SP2 is certified for use with ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP1 only. For those needing support for ArcGIS 10, Cityworks 2011 (and soon to be released Cityworks 2011 Build 2) fully support ArcGIS 10. Please take care to read and understand the software download pages. Cityworks software is available to licensed users only.

NOTE: If you are updating from version 2010.1 to 2010.1 SP2, you will need to update your Cityworks database; however, when running Database Manager, only the Validate Table Structure check box needs to be checked. Make sure you uncheck the Execute Update Scripts check box; the Update Scripts function is not required to successfully upgrade from 2010.1. If you have the Execute Update Scripts box checked, you will not see an option for 2010.1 SP2 in the Update To Version dropdown menu.


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New Forum Feature

Accepted Answer—a topic-starter can mark a forum post as an “accepted answer.” The “accepted” post background is then displayed in a green color along with the words Accepted Answer in bold green letters to make it easier for other users to quickly locate the useful information.

User-controlled notifications can be set up for new topics, posts, and personal messages—alerting you to the latest forum updates.

New Documents

What’s New in Cityworks 2010.1 SP2

Server AMS PLL 2010.1 SP2 Installation Guide

Desktop and Anywhere 2010.1 SP2 Installation Guide

Request Metrics Web Services 2010.1 Installation Guide

Desktop/Anywhere 2010.1 Online Help Zip File


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By Greg Walters, Customer Servicer Representative, Azteca Systems, Inc. — Cityworks