Have you been curious about the latest Operational Insights features and how they can make a difference in your organization? This Cityworks Innovate session gives insight into the app’s purpose: how it can inform your decision-making process, whether it functions smoothly with other apps and products, and how user feedback has shaped and is continuing to shape its future.

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Operational Insights allows you to identify and assess high-risk assets and establish maintenance strategies that increase their lifespan. This in turn helps utilities plan for the future of their public infrastructure by allowing them to evaluate and identify assets that are most at risk and prioritize asset maintenance based on operational and analytical data. Through Operational Insights, data can be easily visualized using dashboards and GIS, which assists you in making well-informed and strategic decisions regarding public asset management.

A number of enhancements have been made to Operational Insights in order to improve your community’s ability to plan for and execute proactive, reactive, and preventative maintenance activities. To learn more about these enhancements and how you can best apply Operational Insights to maximize the effectiveness of you infrastructure and asset maintenance, play the video below:

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