Whether you’re patching potholes or rebuilding roads, maintaining pavement infrastructure is both costly and time-consuming. Get ahead of the curve by integrating your pavement analysis tool and your work management system.

Cityworks recently release a new app, Pavement Management, that’s designed for organizations using a pavement management solution such as PAVER™. The application enables you to perform seamless workflows within the Cityworks platform while fully leveraging your GIS.

An improved user experience allows you to easily export and import work history and condition scores from a single browser. You can also pull in suggested work activities to create proposed work orders and assign them to a Cityworks project.

Pavement Management Can Help You:

  • Easily import and export data between pavement management solutions and Cityworks as .csv and .xml files
  • Leverage your pavement management solution to calculate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), perform pavement analysis, and predict future pavement conditions
  • Share data, such as pavement material, work orders, and inspections, to increase overall efficiency
  • Visually track PCI, last construction date, and current surface type with the power of ArcGIS
  • Plan, prioritize, and budget pavement maintenance and rehabilitation

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