Cityworks is pleased to announce the release of Performance Budgeting 1.0. Performance Budgeting provides activity-based budgeting which is reconciled through work order activity.

By leveraging the estimated equipment, labor, and material costs, Performance Budgeting develops projected annual and daily budgets which can help facilitate the pre-planning budget process in your organization. You can now compare your year-to-date (YTD) work activities against the projected budgets developed in Performance Budgeting.

Being able to compare your work progress with anticipated levels at regular intervals promotes crew accountability and efficiency, improves data quality and accuracy of tracking the materials needed, and provides administrators with reliable indicators for infrastructure management decisions. Budget plans can play an important role in a public asset management system.

“The release of Cityworks Performance Budgeting 1.0 provides clients with expanded financial capabilities to generate budgets and correlate the expended activity,” said Becky Tamashasky, executive director of product roadmap. “This tracking and reporting enables organizations to budget and apply resources more efficiently. We’re excited about how this functionality will continue to grow and provide insights for our clients’ operations.”

Performance Budgeting 1.0 is compatible with Cityworks 15.2 and newer.