GISi completed an implementation of Cityworks for the City of Romulus Department of Public Works. Azteca Systems Cityworks is a GIS-centric Asset Management System. We served as the project manager and led the divisional work process interview in order to document necessary service request and work order generation through completion workflow diagrams. Key staff from Water/Sewer, Roads, Buildings & Grounds, Motor Pool, Inspections, Finance, Administration, and office staff were interviewed and corrective and preventative maintenance workflow diagrams were created for each key business process. From the workflow diagrams over 100 separate service request and work order templates were generated within Cityworks.

The City of Romulus is now using Cityworks to track the type, location and cost of all work performed by DPW personnel. This information is invaluable for prioritizing work, determining budget amounts, providing better customer service, migrating from corrective to preventive maintenance, and ultimately better decision making.