Simplify Data Migration Using FME with Cityworks

With automated integrations, FME® seamlessly connects Cityworks® to other systems.

Share Data Easily with Automated Integrations 

Public works organizations rely on efficient data sharing across multiple applications to coordinate projects effectively. With this collaboration in mind, Trimble’s Cityworks public asset management software places the GIS database at the center of the asset management workflow, with system integrations simplifying all related work activities and permitting processes.

To make those integrations even more efficient, the enterprise platform FME, from Cityworks partner Safe Software®,  streamlines the workflows needed to connect Cityworks’ underlying Esri® ArcGIS® database (system of record) with other applications. As the premier automation platform that uses APIs and third-party business system integrations to perform data migrations and connect workflows, FME ensures data transfers easily across systems.

Authorized users with a Cityworks web connection  can connect with multiple applications via FME using a single sign-on (SSO). Users are also able to safely secure, store, reuse, and share credentials from Cityworks across the FME platform. In turn, FME synchronizes the Cityworks data across multiple other platforms  through automated integrations via APIs, HTTP caller transformers, webhooks, and many other tools. These integrations ensure users across departments receive the data they need in a form they can use.

Allow Your Cityworks Data to Flow Freely from One Application to Another

Data migrations, integrations to third party systems, and the automation of daily workflows are all enhanced through an alignment with FME.

Driving Collaboration Through Meaningful Data

By  outputting the data from Cityworks and other platforms via a REST API or other endpoint, FME enables real-time sharing of actionable information. In cases where direct access to a relational database management system (RDBMS) or Excel® or Access® is required, FME uses custom HTTP callers for built-in data integrity checks.

FME is the only enterprise integration solution with comprehensive support for GIS spatial data. In addition, FME can connect data across more than 450 systems, eliminating the need for special coding to connect with most third-party applications. Using more than 500 transformers, FME can combines restructure, or

transform your data as needed to ensure data integrity and completeness when your data transfers securely from Cityworks to other platforms.

Strukton Rail: Improving Collaboration with Connected Workflows

The reliability of the Cityworks-FME integration is on full display with Strukton Rail, a leading provider of railway construction and maintenance services in Europe Based in Sweden, Strukton Rail uses Cityworks to maintain 9,300 miles of rail track nationwide for the Swedish government. To manage operations efficiently,  Strukton Rail must be able to share data across teams and departments as well as with other contractors and the Swedish government. Each asset needs to be linked to GIS data in real time so that team members have access to continually up-to-date information.

FME enables sharing of accurate, real-time data by establishing connections that transition work order and asset data to Strukton Rail’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, populating dashboards in the ERP software with  easy-to-access data specific to the stakeholder group. FME then moves this data through various phases of the workflow—from work order to planning to execution to documentation to invoicing to follow-up. This linear process allows all team members in the workflow to operate with consistent, reliable data.

For Strukton Rail, the FME automations extend the functionality of Cityworks and standardize organizational processes across platforms. Strukton Rail’s use case provides a snapshot of the benefits of using automated integrations to enable more efficient collaboration and accurate documentation.

Meaningful Data Powers Asset Management 

For public works and other asset management teams, FME provides a powerful middleware solution to unite Cityworks’ GIS-rich data with the other systems necessary to manage and maintain reliable, sustainable assets and build public trust.  FME’s unique capabilities ensure that Cityworks users are able to access and transfer consistent, accurate data across platforms to provide stakeholders with the information to make better decisions across multiple phases of the asset lifecycle.

Learn More

For more information about how FME connects Cityworks with other systems to enable accurate, efficient data sharing, watch the on-demand webinar, Automated Application Integration with FME & Cityworks.

You’ll gain even more insight into:

  • Streamlining workflows for improved data accuracy and consistency.
  • Creating simple, powerful integrations with APIs and webhooks to prevent data silos.
  • Building robust databanks that leverage a variety of sources through FME to create full-picture asset lifecycle management (ALM).