At the City of South San Francisco, Cityworks has been running for close to two years in the Public Works Department.  The software has provided measureable results and exceeded staff expectations.  South San Francisco has realized significant cost savings as a direct result of their Cityworks/GIS implementation.  So much so that last year, a group of City employees gave a presentation to the San Francisco Bay Area Regional GIS Council about the significant fiscal savings the City has realized because of their new system.  More importantly, the City met its original goal in providing internal and statewide reporting.  The state of California was pleasantly surprised by the City surpassing its mandates.

“This is a great story of how our City departments came together, funded a project, and provided support with everyone embracing its use,” explains Doug Hollis, Director of IT at South San Francisco. “Cityworks and Esri’s GIS working together have accelerated the quality of work performed within the City immensely.  Most of the City went from paper to electronics in just one year.  We are all completely ecstatic about our use of Cityworks and GIS.  Having a vision for the organization and being able to leapfrog two jumps ahead of where we were is awesome.  We are very pleased, no question about it.”

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