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IDModeling, Inc., a leading global provider of smart water network software and services, has been selected by Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts to deploy its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru.  The industry’s real-time solution to connect organizational data, systems, and people across the water enterprise, Sedaru leverages IDModeling’s proven hydraulic, asset and operational management analytics so utilities can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource, and asset management initiatives.

The Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts (Southgate) are responsible for operating and maintaining the water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems for more than 75,000 residents in the Denver, Colorado area.  Southgate contracts with Denver Water to supply treated water to the Southgate system.

“Sedaru Brings Asset Management to Life”

IDModeling worked with Southgate to deploy Sedaru as their smart water network, connecting their field and office operations by integrating their their Esri®-based GIS, Cityworks CMMS, and hydraulic model into a single, easy-to-use operating platform to enable role-based water analytics that are accessible anywhere, anytime.  Southgate publishes and hosts its own GIS services, and Sedaru connects securely, seamlessly, and efficiently to these services. This ensures that every group – either in the office or in the field – has access to up-to-date, accurate system data.

Sedaru connects Southgate staff across a variety of departmental groups to a broad range of systems. “Sedaru allows our staff to view information in real-time, enabling us to respond as needed; Sedaru brings asset management to life,” said Elthron M. Anderson, GISP, GIS Administrator at Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts.

Sedaru Spreads Modeling Benefits throughout the Whole Enterprise

Sedaru also serves Southgate as an easy-to-use network monitoring and predictive operational tool by expanding access to their hydraulic model. This provides immediate benefits to the Southgate, since they will be able to understand system performance and anticipate the impact of water system operations and maintenance, resulting in increased awareness and more efficient, accurate response to planned and unplanned events. “[Sedaru] models water main breaks, and lets us see how [failures will] impact the system hydraulically.  In addition, Sedaru serves as a preventative maintenance tool,” stated Anderson.

Finally, Sedaru’s deep integration with Southgate’s Cityworks® computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will have an immediate and positive impact on decision making and daily productivity by making field data entry even quicker, more intuitive, and immediately analyzable.  Sedaru’s purpose-built user interface enables field crews to create Cityworks work orders, complete inspections, enter or easily update maintenance data, and understand the impacts of decisions, all while out in the field.  Field users can enter data in Sedaru, which gets received by office staff in real-time, to instantly communicate and share analytics on any event for informed decision-making.

“Sedaru’s integration with Cityworks allows us to better track customer calls, resulting in lower costs for repairing assets. Sedaru also extends that ability to the field with the use of mobile devices such as the iPad,” said Anderson.

Sedaru is the intuitive, always-on smart water network that connects utilities with their data and the collective knowledge of their staff. It paves the way for utilities to move forward, continuously improving preservation of their water resources, allocation of staff, and knowledge management. Furthermore, since Sedaru is browser-based, Southgate users can securely access this powerful information anywhere in the world – without the need to install any client or server-based software.  Southgate is already considering options to expand Sedaru to help them manage their sanitary sewer assets.

“Southgate is an established technology leader in the Denver area,” said Kevin Koshko, Sedaru Product Director. “We’re excited that they recognize Sedaru’s abilities to connect every group in the utility, drive productivity, and deliver business analytics for asset and operational management in a single user-friendly smart water platform.”


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